About us

Site Booster is built by AppSharp LLC. We are not a Silicon Valley Start Up. We don’t have a VC backing us. We don’t have a ping pong table in our office (although we do like ping pong).

We know small businesses. Because we are one.

Before Site Booster became Site Booster, it was two people with a shared passion for helping small businesses gain mastery over their digital listings and build a compelling online presence. Our goal was simply to help companies navigate the online world and get discovered by their customers. We started from the ground up and risked our own money to build an affordable, dependable product that provides real results for small businesses.

While we have small beginnings, our team has expanded to include seasoned industry experts in the fields of optimizing business listings and leveraging digital marketing. Even though we’ve grown, some things never change. We pride ourselves on being small at heart and keeping our small business values. We continue to provide a reliable service with honesty, integrity and affordability. We love to educate small business on how they can make the most of their resources and engage with their customers. That’s why we offer an unbeatable price for our online listing management services, a carefully researched resource library and live customer support. We make it easy to get discovered in this fast changing world and help you every step of the way.