Frequently asked questions

I just signed up. Should I expect email updates or phone calls?
Congratulations! You can expect an email confirmation that your listings have been completed as well as updates about new features. We will never call you directly for any reason.
Do you share my business details with anyone else?
Your privacy is our top concern. We will never pass or sell your information to other vendor without your consent.
My business doesn't have an address. Will I still get benefit from Site Booster?
Absolutely. Site Booster will help you improve your online presence by listing your company at dedicated listings and directories. When we list your business, we submit all the information you provided, such as keywords, business description, products and services. By doing so, search engines retrieve your site more frequently, and for the most relevant searches.
I already listed my site in a few places. Will that be a problem?
Not at all. We start our process by looking up your business in the places we list to ensure there are no duplicate listings, which cause unnecessary confusion for your customers. In case you already have an account in a listing, we do not create an additional one for you.
Some local business listings don't operate in my country. Can Site Booster help me?
Wherever your business is located, we've got you covered. If our top-tier Local Business Listings don't operate in your country, we find the most powerful Local Listings that do, and submit your website there. We have experience submitting websites in almost every country around the world. You can rest assured we can manage any website, anywhere.
My website is not in English. Does your app support that?
Yes! Of course! You can even enter your address in your native language. We use Google Maps to detect the address, so any language should work.
How long does it take to submit my website and see my business on search engines?
On average, it takes a few days for most listings, and 2-4 weeks some of the major search engines (for example Google, Bing and Yahoo).
What happens when my business information changes?
You can always update your business information in the App. Once you click Update we will update the data in all your listings.
Once the listings are created, why do I need a monthly subscription?
Your subscription ensures your listings are kept up to date across sites and mobile apps. Site Booster is compatible with top apps to make sure you get discovered when people search for businesses and services from their mobile devices. We support WhatsApp, CityMapper, Pinterest and Vine – to name a few!
I do not want all my information listed but want to get discovered. What can I do?
We support you staying in control of your listings! You decide what information to provide us with as well as any updates or changes. However, keep in mind that if you want to optimize your business and get the most out of our services, we recommend you provide us with the full information we request. We never ask for any information that won’t help you get discovered.

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