Our Privacy Policy

You are not required to provide us with any personal data; and all personal data you provide us is made only upon and conditioned on your specific consent. Without such consent we cannot provide you with our services.

How Do We Collect Personal Data? We collect personal data in three ways. The first is the information you fill out on the forms we provide you; the second is what we receive from the business partners that referred you to our service and the third is by collecting technical information when you use our website.

What Personal Data Do We Collect and Process? We first collect your contact information, which includes the email address you used when signing up to our services, and other personal contact information you specifically provided us. Then, we collect the data which relates to your business, which may or may not be personal data, and includes the business’ name, phone, email address, website, category, physical location, and contact person. We also collect photos your provide us which may contain personal data.

We also collect technical, non-identifiable data, which includes your browser type, device type, IP Address and the pages you viewed on our website.

How Do We Use This Personal Data? We use the personal data to provide you with the services. This is simple: we provide this data to business listings in order to let them know that you wish to create or update your business listing. We also use your personal data to provide you with the service on our website, for billing purposes and to improve our internal indices and methods.

We may also send you periodic newsletters and updates about the service, which you may opt-out from at any time.

Who Else May Receive A Copy of Your Personal Data? Our services use third parties to provide a part of the services, we provide these third parties with a copy of your data. Save for information which inherently is meant to be public (your business listing) all other information is provided under a strict confidentiality obligations.

The third parties are the indices, of course, as well as Customer.io, which we use to send messages, Segment.com, which helps us to manage events, Google Analytics, who helps us to better understand how people use our service, Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect, which help us to provide you with the services using our apps, Our third party partners that referred you to the service, Optimize.ly, which provides us with business insights, Stripe, that acts as our payment provider, and Perimeter-X that we use to help and identify malicious attacks on our website.

Can You Review or Remove Your Information? Yes. You can always review your information by using our panel, or by contacting us via email. You can also request to delete all relevant information. If you request that we remove information, it might take some time for it to be removed from the third party indices, they may request additional proof to remove such information or refuse to do so.

Can You File A Complaint? Yes. Our privacy officer will receive all complaints via email, and shall provide yearly reports.

Compliance With Law Authorities. We comply with competent and authorized law authorities and shall provide them with information should we receive a valid request.