How to Register your Jimdo Website to Web Indexes with Site Booster

Jimdo is a great, simple tool for building a website. This tutorial will help you make your Jimdo site visible to crucial indexes like Yelp, Foursquare, Google+, Yahoo and 40+ services on the web.

For a quick introduction on what SiteBooster does, you should watch our demo video.

Step 1: Register to Site Booster

You can register to Site Booster for free, by filling in the following form

Step 2: Verify Your Account at Site Booster

To verify your account, kindly check your email of the address you mentioned in the form.

Step 3: Verify Your Listed Site

In a separate mail, note that your site has been listed on the Business Data Index, making your Jimdo website visible to search engines.

Step 4: Edit Your Business Details

You may now edit your business details and set information such as physical address and opening hours, so that the relevant indexes would present your updated business data to the world.

Step 5: Upgrade to Premium

If you’d like to take your Jimdo’s site’s listing to the next level, please consider upgrading to Site Booster’s premium package, where you will benefit from the features below: